On The Road From Burns - Stories

These sixteen stories bring to life a still remote part of the American west. In tales dating from 1853 to 2039 Haynes presents pioneers, Indians, scoundrels, lumber camp women and even aliens who love to ride horses. A wild ride with a master storyteller.

Table of Contents

Bridges (1911)
Boondoggle (2009)
Do No Harm (1913)
Kubali and theVampire Cowboys (1853)
On the Mountain (1961)
Bloodlines (1928)
Local Rules (1997)
A Trick of the Light (1911)
Fatal Errors (1995)
Falling Star (1873)
Saturday Night (1953)
On the Road from Burns (1948)
Prisoner of Conscience (1943)
Living Well (1975)
Obligations (2005)
Ashes (2039)

Map of Story Settings