Praise for Suspects

Suspects is a captivating murder mystery set in beautiful Central Oregon and narrated by six of the moral, immoral, and amoral characters who populate its cleverly crafted plot. - Les Joslin, author of Legendary Locals of Bend 

Suspects has just what a mystery ought to have—a bunch of well-drawn lively characters, strong, vivid writing, and an imaginative and suspenseful story that keeps you wanting to know what happens next—and, you won’t be disappointed.”
                         — Nancy Packer, Former Director of Creative Writing at Stanford University

 Suspects is a roller-coaster of a good murder mystery read, offering a delightfully engaging and complicated weave of intrigue and mayhem.  Author Ted Haynes has the ability to persuasively but unobtrusively get into the head of his diverse array of characters as this story wends its way toward a surprising resolution.”                                                    — Ellen Waterston, award-winning author and poet. 

"A well written page-turner told by six narrators, none of whom gets to know the whole story until the very end."                                                                           — Paul Goldstein, author of Legal Asylum.

“This is a riveting, suspenseful, well written mystery that kept me guessing until the final chapter, and even then, there was a twist that I never saw coming.”                                                                                                                        - Ron Coffman, Ret. Eugene Police Department              

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Published - May 15, 2017


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Many thanks to the multiple bookstores who stocked Suspects and recommended it to their readers in 2017. You helped make Suspects a great success!